Strong Woman

“Be a strong woman. So your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he’s a man.” This quote sounds wonderful and empowering, right? To me, it makes me a little nervous. If our society truly believes in this and believes that a woman […]

How Do They Do It?

Everyone goes through hard times. How do people do it when they don’t have God? Personally, God is the only thing that is truly & eternally stable in my life. I come from a wonderful family & I love them each very much. But they are human & will continuously make mistakes. When I am […]

Who Can You Trust?

Before I start, this has nothing to do with anything anyone has done in my life. It’s just a lesson that I learned tonight while doing my devos. Today I read something that grabbed my attention and as a Christian, it is something I already knew but had forgotten. I read it in Streams in the […]

Starting a Vlog for My Generation

Recently I’ve felt very burdened for my generation. I’ve also have been reading a book called Generation iY by Tim Elmore and it illuminates certain issues that my generation possesses that the people of my generation have no idea they possess. One of the main issues that I have read about and have personally seen […]

When It’s Ok to Be Weak

In today’s society it is strongly praised when someone is strong during a hard time…and yes please continue to do so! But sometimes God calls us to be weak. Why? So that He can portray His strength. I was raised by a dad who is constantly pushing me to do things that may or may […]

How Do You Go Through Trials?

It’s funny how God teaches us things. Sometimes He uses experiences & sometimes it through someone else’s teaching. For the past couple of weeks God has taught me something through repetition. He has really made clear to me that He is really the only stable thing in my life. He taught me this through my […]